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I always wanted to build an iceboat. I built runners for one 30 years ago and finally got around to building the rest of it in the Fall of 2018. I was inspired to finally get off my duff when I came across the plans for the Isabella KISS (keep it simple, stupid) on this hilarious Swedish website: They are popular in Sweden and old windsurfer sails can practically be had for the asking these days.

It was a little more challenging to build than suggested in the plans, but of course I had to add my own little tweaks, like adding a rear storage compartment that can double as a rumble seat. I'm not going to go into detail on the construction here -- just provide some pictures and video links. Screaming across a lake at 40+ MPH is a BLAST!


I really like the long springboard on the front, which is something the DNs don't have. It handles rough ice with much greater comfort and control than a DN.
First outing -- the national DN races at Battle Lake, MN. Perfect ice, winds gusting 20-30 MPH. Ideal for the small sail that I started with.
    Video of exciting ride on Battle Lake
Other Iceboating Ride Action Videos
The rumble seat worked very well -- double the fun and quite comfortable.

Wayzata Bay, Lake Minnetonka

Lake Christina
Oops. Once when just getting started near shore my son and I went through thin ice undermined by the current from a bubbler. Getting it out was a cold struggle. Lesson learned!